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Current situation: Coronavirus information (COVID-19)

The pratice for coaching and psychology is open. To prevent coronavirus, various measures have been put in place:

- During discussions at the table, the seat distance between coach and client is approximately 1.5 m. A discussion area without table is also available in the room, where the distance is approximately 2.5 m.

- A disinfectant hand spray is available to clients. The person(s) who participated in the session can therefore receive a jet of disinfectant spray on their hands.

- The objects and materials (e.g. papers with exercices) are disinfected after each use.

- A disinfectant spray for surfaces is regularly applied in sensitive areas (WC, washbasin, door handles, chairs).

- We ask clients to come at the scheduled time, in order to prevent previous and next clients from crossing paths, or different people in the waiting area at the same time.


During the first meeting, we collect together information on the current situation and discuss about the available options, depending on your wishes. You will receive further information and explanations concerning the process, an information sheet as well as other details of the cooperation.

The duration of each session is usually between 60 and 120 minutes, depending on the situation and nature of the proceeding, your needs and the goals for the sessions. A short assessment can be made in a few sessions. Coaching (personality development and career coaching) extends over at least a few weeks, in most cases a couple of months up to a few years. Upon request, individual meetings or follow-up assessments (short examinations) may occur later, even after several years.

Contact Fribourg

Rue Georges Jordil 6
1700 Fribourg

Phone 026 322 26 00
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Contact Zurich

Seefeldstr. 69
8008 Zurich

Phone 044 388 54 74
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