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We offer a veriety of services within personality and career development as well as in talent detection, analysis and development. These topics affect each person in different ways and with different intensity:

• in childhood: why am I (or my child) sad or unbalanced, why does the behavior change and is not explainable (for myself or the others)? How can I support the development harmoniously and optimally, with the inclusion of potentials, talents, wishes and realistic possibilities?

• in youth: where do my strenghts and weaknesses lie, do the skills and interests match, who can give me competent advice in choosing a profession and field of study, but also in my life, if I feel lost and uncertain?

• as an adult: am I - professionally and personally - on the right path, am I happy and do I know my strenghts and weaknesses? Can I realize myself, is my education and environment consistent with my abilities and interests, what kind of career and personal advancement opportunities do I have, and how realistic are they?

• as an older adult: am I satisfied with my life so far, what goals and dreams do I have, are they realistic? Is my life self-determined to a reasonable degree? How do I prepare for the retirement period, what kind of activities do I want to accomplish, as a career goal before retirement or as an activity thereafter?

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