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Current situation: Coronavirus information (Covid-19)

The pratice for coaching and psychology is open. To prevent coronavirus, various measures have been put in place, including the use of a climate protection device that filters aerosols from the room air, including carriers of the Corona virus (details see here). Video sessions are also possible.

carrer Coaching

Here, the focus is on career development. This may be related to a decision in adolescence during schooling or education, as a young adult to choose a profession or study, or later in the course of professional activity when a development into a particular direction, including reorientation, are desired or necessary. This includes burn out prevention and achievement of a meaningful life.

The initial situation, expectations and realistic options are discussed, being based on a detailed determination of the current status, as well as wishes and career goals. A career coaching also includes dimensions of personality development.

It may therefore be similar to an outplacement (a consultation for employees, from which a company intends to separate for different reasons, but still want to provide them with an external support for further professional and personal development).

Short-term career coaching is also available, e. g. related to a particular application, including professional writing of the CV and preparation for interviews, and later their analysis on the course with feedbacks, learning fields, etc.

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