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During a personality checkup we analyze and discuss what the current situation looks like: strenghts and weaknesses are recorded, but opportunities and risks (wrong or unrealistic paths) are also assessed. The basis for this is a comprehensive "layout" of one's own personality: on the one hand the abilities, i. e. already recognized and at least partially used strenghts, and on the other hand the potentials and talents that are either already known or still hidden and unknown, but identified during the assessment.

We go deep into details, however we also keep the overall view on the entire personality, including the intellectual, emotional and creative dimensions, but also with regard to the environment (at present or with recommendations where to adapt).

Thus, not only the situation can be reliably determined and understood at the present time, but as well a precise statement about talents and potentials can be given, including how they can be promoted, what conditions are required and what period of time this development will take: goals, milestones, measures of progress, and where it is necessary to make adjustments.

Beside of these comprehensive assessments we also offer shorter checkups, being focused on a few or just one specific aspect, such as tests for IQ, personality or interests.

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