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The sessions are charged according to their duration, on a pro-rata basis of 160 CHF per 50 minutes. There is no charge for the period between 50 and 60 minutes. The time after 60 minutes is also charged on the basis of 160 CHF per 50 minutes.

These rates include preparation of the sessions, work on dossiers during your absence as well as evaluation and interpretation of tests, questionnaires or other exercises,  short phone calls or emails concerning organizational and administrative aspects. In contrast, the writing of reports or other documents as well as the exchange with other experts, as far as they are desired by the client, are charged according the effective working hours, on a pro-rata basis of 160 CHF per 50 minutes. Also charged on the same basis are the reading of emails, documents and further information sent by the client, email exchanges or phone calls concerning non-organizational aspects.

Cancellation: if a meeting is canceled less than 24 hours (Fribourg) or less than 3 days (Zurich and other locations) in advance, or if you do not attend an agreed meeting, you may be charged for the session.

Invoices can be paid as follows:
• on-site with twint protalent twint or cash;
• or by bank transfer.

Contact Fribourg

Petit-Schönberg 75
1700 Fribourg

Phone 026 322 26 00
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Contact Zurich

Seefeldstr. 69
8008 Zurich

Phone 044 388 54 74
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