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Thomas Baumer

Thomas Baumer

During more than 20 years I have worked in international companies, including 13 years at Swissair, most recently as Division Manager / Deputy General Manager at the Swissair Training Center (selection and training of cockpit and cabin crews). In 2000, I started my own business: CICB Center of Intercultural Competence, where I give lectures and courses. In parallel, for 7 years I was director at A+O Career Group (Assessment, Coaching, Outplacement, International Assignment) and subsequently founded the CACB Center for Assessment and Coaching and transformed it, together with CICB, into a shareholder company (Kairos Group Ltd.). Since then I'm working in both areas, intercultural competence at CICB, as well as assessment, coaching and personality development with CACB. Based on numerous inquiries from private individuals, in particular regarding personal or professional positioning and coaching as well as inquiries regarding identification, analysis, further development and optimized use of talents, potential and giftedness, we founded the practice proTalent in 2017, in order to provide services for these needs not only for companies, but also for private individuals.



  • Trainer (courses, tutorials, workshops); member Top 100 Excellent Trainers
  • Coach (career-coaching, personality development, high potentials) for several dozen companies; accompanying cultural change; so far over 150 individual coachings
  • Assessor (ability and potential analysis, selection and development assessments); so far more than 600 assessments carried out; development of the Prognostic Assessment
  • Speaker (presentations, keynotes, conferences); registered at Speakers Excellence and in the German Dictionary of Speakers
  • Piano player since the age of five; broad repertoire mainly in classical music
  • Active member in various associations for gifted people, including Mensa and TNS; Senior Research Fellow at ISPE and Co-Chair Membership Committee at Prometheus Society





I'm fluent in German (including Swiss German), French, English and Spanisch, and I have knowledge in Italian, Russian and Latin.



I'm interested in cultures, languages and people; on professional and private trips I had the opportunity to visit more than 120 countries so far. Since the age of five I play the piano; my repertoire includes several dozen classical works. As a young adult, I considered a career in music, but finally decided to study business administration and management. I am married and father of two children. Some other interests and hobbies are photography and chess.



  • Handbook Intercultural Competence (2 Volumes, in German): A detailed introduction into intercultural competence and its measuring tools. Volume 1: ISBN-Nr. 3-280-02691-1; Volume 2: ISBN-Nr. 3-280-05081-2

Handbuch Interkulturelle Kompetenz Band 1
Handbuch In...
Handbuch Interkulturelle Kompetenz Band 1
Handbuch Interkulturelle Kompetenz Band 2
Handbuch In...
Handbuch Interkulturelle Kompetenz Band 2


  • Prognostisc Assessment: Anticipating abilities and personal development; ISBN 978-3-908244-94-3

Prognostisches Assessment
Prognostisches Assessment


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